Governance and corporate structure 

Educate Together Academy Trust Uk is a tax exempt charity regulated by the Department for Education. Current details and documents are registered with Companies House. The trust is governed by a Board of Directors offering their time and expertise in a strictly voluntary capacity. 

The Board ensure that the organisation operates within its Memoranda and Articles of Association and is responsible for compliance with legislation affecting the Trust and its network of schools. It is legally obliged to adhere to the four binding principles - Equality-based, Child-centred, Co-educational and Democraticly-run.


Educate Together/ Ag Foghlaim Le Chéile (Registered tax exempt charity, Ireland)

Diarmuid Mac Aonghusa

Gina Hocking

Craig White 

Dee-Anne Bruce          


Kathy Brown, SEN Trustee

Yvonne Barker-Layton

Haylie Carr

Mike Doyle, Chair HR                    

Jane Dyer, Safeguarding Trustee

Ros Farrell, ex-officio CEO              

Chrysta Garnett

Andrew Goodall, Vice-Chair and Chair AFR

Julia Skinner, Chair


If you would like to find out more about our Board of Trustees please visit the links below:

Memorandum and Articles of Association 2017
Scheme of delegation
Governance organogram
Register of Members Interests

Register of Trustees Interests

Pen portraits: More about the Trustees

2018 Minutes: MarchApril, 23 April 2018, July 2018, Nov 18

Audited financial statements:

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