It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the Educate Together Academy Trust website.

Our trust is a collaboration of schools, based in the southwest of England, focused on achieving the best outcomes, in the broadest sense, for all children that attend our schools. 

We are passionate about a holistic education.  To this end, we aim for our children to achieve well against the national curriculum but believe that this should not be to the detriment of their ethical education or their sense of purpose.  As such, we adhere to the national curriculum but also teach a curriculum, called Learn Together, that allows children to develop both their ethical understanding of the world as well as a deep-rooted set of values...

On behalf of the ETAT trust, Kathy and I are delighted to welcome you to our community of schools.

As the newly appointed Co-Chairs of the trust, we are honoured to have the opportunity to lead the board of trustees and to work with our dedicated staff, students and local governors to achieve our mission of providing the very best educational and child-centred outcomes for all children and their families.

Our trust is founded on a strong set of values that guide our decision-making and inform our work every day. As Co-Chairs we are committed to upholding these values and make sure that they are reflected in all aspects of our work. As a trust we are passionate about education, and we believe that all children deserve the chance to reach their full potential.

We hope that you share our passion for our values-led education and that you will have the opportunity to see our impressive staff supporting all our children to achieve academically and embody the trust's values in everything they do.

Equity Based

Through being equitable in our work, all children and staff will have equal access to their rights and, regardless of background, all will be equally respected.


All of our children have the right to a holistic world class education.  All our work aims to ensure that every child can make progress and achieve well in every aspect of their education.


Children are at the heart of every decision and activity.  Their voices are actively sought and listened to.  They play a lead role in shaping their education.


Our schools aim to be central to the communities they serve.  As such, we look for opportunities to give voice to and work in partnership with all stakeholders of the schools.

Core Principles

Learn Together Curriculum

In an Educate Together school a daily period of time is set aside for the ethical education curriculum, which is delivered in addition to the National Curriculum. This program is called the “Learn Together” curriculum.

This is delivered alongside the EYFS Framework, in Pre-school and Reception Class and the National Curriculum for years’ 1-6.

Further information about curriculum delivery by Subject and Year Group can be found on each schools website.

Our Schools

We are open to visits from other schools and trusts who are interested in our learn together curriculum and ethos. Contact: