Learn together to live together

We aim to develop the whole child, encouraging their individuality, respecting each child's identity and respecting that of their family equally

Educate Together Academy Trust provides an ethical and values curriculum suited to a rapidly changing world

Educate Together Academy Trust has five primary schools, in the South West.

The National Curriculum, alongside our unique ethical curriculum and our core principles are enabling us to create a learning environment that

nurtures, encourages and builds the skills children will need in our increasingly diverse and globalised world. Our schools are equality based, where no child is an outsider and we learn together to live together. We aim to develop the whole child, encouraging their individuality, respecting each child’s identity and respecting that of their family equally.

Our schools

We are open to visits from other schools and trusts who are interested in our learn together curriculum and ethos. Contact info@educatetogether.org.uk.

Core principles

Through being equitable in our work, all children and staff will have equal access to their rights and, regardless of background, all will be equally respected.

All of our children have the right to a holistic world class education. All our work aims to ensure that every child can make progress and achieve well in every aspect of their education.

Children are at the heart of every decision and activity. Their voices are actively sought and listened to. They play a lead role in shaping their education.

Our schools aim to be central to the communities they serve. As such, we look for opportunities to give voice to and work in partnership with all stakeholders of the schools.

For more information about the Swindon, Abbey Farm Educate Together School please contact us on 0117 379 0119 or info@abbeyfarmet.org.uk

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