The Bristol-based Educate Together Academy Trust is delighted to announce that it has been appointed sponsor of the new primary school, being built for the residents of Abbey Farm.

The school will cater for two forms of entry (420 children) and include pre-school provision.

The decision to award the sponsorship was communicated by the Department for Education: The academy will be a state funded school established under the current government’s “Free School Programme”. It will be open to all children in the Abbey Farm area.

The Abbey Farm Educate Together Primary school will be a new addition to the Educate Together Academy Trust UK, an emerging new organisation based in Bristol. With over 38 years’ experience in Ireland, Educate Together is now successfully offering its ethical curriculum to pupils in Redfield, Bristol and Somerdale, Keynsham, Locking Parklands, Weston-super-Mare and Mulberry Park, Bath.

To date we are unable to confirm when the school is due to open due to site constraints. Once we received an approved open date from the Department for Education we will begin public meetings. Please follow us on Facebook or twitter to stay up to date. 

For more information about the Swindon, Abbey Farm Educate Together School please contact us on 0117 379 0119 or