A School for Redfield: Parents campaign for a new primary school

Educate Together Academy Trust UK was formed in January 2014 as a direct result of a parent led campaign for a new school.

In early 2013 a group of parents in the Redfield area of Bristol came together to campaign for a local school: then known as the School for Redfield Campaign. 

At the time the Redfield area had no Primary school of its own and all surrounding schools in the area were oversubscribed. It was not uncommon for families to move from the area as their child reached school age, a problem which had a negative impact on the community and was increasing due to a recent baby boom in the area.

Initially the group contacted Bristol City Council and discovered that the schools issue was being revised but that many areas faced similar issues, so Redfield was one of many locations being considered for a new school.

Following this information, the School for Redfield Group worked alongside the council to promote and lend support to planning consultation meetings, they ran an on-line petition in support of the new schools creation, ran an email campaign to local councillors and acted as a conduit of information between BCC and local families as well as keeping the issue in the local press (click here).

After several months working with Bristol City Council the school became a reality and the Department for Education announced Educate Together as the Academy Sponsors.

The Redfield Educate Together Primary Academy opened in September 2014 to two reception classes with a planned move into their new building in September 2015. To date, many of the original campaign group are now parents at the school (or hoping to be!) and are also involved as members of the Trust Board, School Council and in the Friends of Redfield Educate Together Group (PTA).

If you would like an Educate Together School in your area please contact us on 0117 379 0119 or email info@educatetogether.org.uk