Educate Together Academy Trust announces intention to bid for new Yatton primary.

North Somerset Council (NSC), recently launched its tender process for a new 210 place primary school, due to open in September 2020. 

North End artist impression: image curtesy of NSC

The new 'North End' Primary School is intended to provide places across the wider area as families move into new housing developments. 

Information about the tender process and need for the school can be found here.

Having opened four new primary schools between 2014 and September 2018, Educate Together have a wealth of experience delivering new schools that grow and develop with community influence, to deliver great results and a rounded experience for each pupil. For further information about results in our other schools please visit their sites: Redfield or Somerdale.

All Educate Together schools deliver the National Curriculum, alongside our ethical 'Learn Together' curriculum which places the child firmly at the centre of all decisions. However, our commitment to democracy and community partnership mean that each school is unique and develops a 'local character'.

As such, Educate Together held a community event on Monday 3rd September 2018, at the John Crease room, Yatton Village Hall. We would like to thank all residents who attended and made us feel welcome.

If you would like to register your support for our proposal please email or complete our brief consultation survey

A sample admissions policy is available here. Please note that dates are not yet confirmed and policy may be subject to minimal changes in accordance with the Statutory Admissions Code.










For more information about new Educate Together Schools please contact us on 0117 379 0119 or